Proper handwriting is taught to children from an early age, and we spend a lifetime perfecting distinctions in our own styles. Each person has his or her own unique way of writing, which can be decoded through handwriting analysis.

Graphometry is the science of determining constants in handwriting. Some specialists measure the impact of graphological aspects of writing on personality in order to analyze specific human characteristics.

PenAnalyzer is a tool that allows the collection of a wide range of graphometric characteristics in a semi-automatic way, which could then be used for further analysis. PenAnalyzer is capable of data collection both from plain text (e.g., scanned from a paper handwriting sample) and dynamic text collected using different devices.

PenAnalyzer is available to any organization involved in handwritten analysis (e.g., companies that perform psychological analysis for employment candidates, forensic or criminal analysts, profilers of missing or dead persons, law enforcement agencies, etc.). Though not capable of text analysis, PenAnalyzer can be very useful to specialists as a ‘ruler’ tool.

List of collectable characteristics

Below is the list of graphometrical characteristics that can be gathered using PenAnalyzer:

This list can be customized upon request.